Welcome to Children's Corner

Welcome to the new home of the Children’s Corner!
            I’m happy to introduce you to the Children’s Corner’s new incarnation. The Children’s Corner began in 1990 as a weekly column with reviews of kids and teen books. My column ran for 23 years on the Scripps Howard News Service wire, which sent it out to hundreds of newspaper clients. But that gig ended at the end of 2013 when the Scripps Howard News Service closed down.

            So I hopped on over to the blogosphere and created a digital version of the Children’s Corner where I combine my two roles of book reviewer and children’s & teen librarian for a small, independent public library. On this blog, I’ll continue to offer reviews of great new books for kids and teens and interviews with children’s book creators – just as I did for years in my Scripps Howard column.

But I’ll get to do more on this blog than I ever could in a newspaper column. For example, I’ll be able to share experiences I have with patrons – young and old – at the public library where I work, including the book recommendations I give and/or get from them. In addition, I’ll be pointing Children Corner readers to other children’s literature news and views via links that I’ll post and comment on each week. And I’ll get to spotlight book trailers and other digital presentations from publishers, authors and illustrators.

I’m calling this effort to synthesize my reviewer and librarian roles “reviewing in the real world.” Hopefully, it will result in a dynamic, lively blog that will be an Internet destination for anyone interested in raising readers with the best children’s and teen literature.

            Thanks so much for checking out the Children’s Corner blog, and I hope you’ll bookmark it and visit often.